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  • Georgie

Our first outing!

In November, right after we had officially opened to the public and registered with the Department for Enterprise, we went on our first business outing. It was Ramsey Fireworks Night, and we really wanted to capture what we knew would be a fabulous evening. We also thought that it would be a great opportunity to meet some members of the public and let them know about us!

We were very nervous - this was our first venture as a business, and it was a big moment. But, though we wanted to keep our heads down and run away, we pushed through the nerves and ended up having a great time photographing both the fireworks and the audience. It was great to put up the photos and videos and see the real sense of community that we are so lucky to have on this island.

That first step into the world as Crebbinsdale Media was definitely a nerve-wracking one, but we had such a great time. We went home that night excited about our future and eagerly awaiting the next venture!

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