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Our Mini Film School is a two day course for young people, aimed at teaching them about the behind-the-scenes of filmmaking, and helping them to make their own films by developing their teamwork and skills.

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During the morning of the first day, the students will be inside learning about what it is that makes a good film and a good filmmaker. This will include some teamwork activities and watching and analysing some film clips. The students will then be introduced to some of the core roles in film: directing, producing, writing, editing, sound, and camera. The students will get the opportunity to suggest a role that they might like to try during the course. After a short break, the students will be given their core roles, then taught separately in their roles for a short period so that they understand what they'll be doing during the filmmaking process.

After lunch (a bring your own packed lunch) on the premises, the students will be put into their film groups and tasked with creating a 1-3 minute short film within the grounds of the Mannin Music Studio, guided by a tutor. They'll write, direct, and shoot their own film, using simple but effective equipment, and get another break too.


The following morning, the students will continue making their short film, continuing to shoot and then edit their masterpiece, all while guided by a tutor. They will get a morning break and another lunch hour on the premises, before completing their films and gathering together to watch each other's finished products. The tutors will talk through the experience with them, and encourage them to continue making films in their free time using what they have learned. Should the course be successful, we'll be running longer and/or more in-depth courses in the future, with even more exciting equipment!

The course will be run by Crebbinsdale Media, and taught by the Directors of the company, Reece and Georgie. Reece and Georgie both have degrees in Film Production, and have a wide array of film credits in editing, sound, directing, producing, writing and camera. The course will be split into two groups of 6, meaning each group of young film makers will have a knowledgeable tutor with them the whole time to help and encourage them through their creation. If you'd like to get to know us more, please feel free to contact us (using the link at the top of the page). You can also see more of our work in our "Portfolio" section.

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For the two days, the course is priced at £99 per person.

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